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Hey!! I love one direction & writing fanfics! Loll :D

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    mumbled "School"

    Okay... So since school has started up again I have been busy with homework and stuff. So that's why I haven't posted as much. But I try my hardest to update tho.
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    I really like this! :)
    It happens (Harry styles fan fiction)
    It happens (Harry...
    Breanna forgot everything that happened when she got in a car crash. When her neighbor and best friend Louis Tomlinson introduces her to a old fling, that Breanna does not like but she doesn't know it...
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    mumbled "DEAD!"

    Okay... My grandma bought me a One Direction exclusive mag about This Is Us. :) I died and went to heaven on the teen choice awards. And I'm crying to Little things... Why one direction?! Why must u kill me!
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    Lmfao this is really funny! :D
    Romeo and Juliet (MY VERSION)
    Romeo and Juliet...
    My own version of Romeo and Juliet, when they both AREN'T dead, and are living in the 21rst Century - ENJOY! x (C)
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