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I have a MAJOR Harry Potter obcession and even my friends get annoyed because I talk about it too much.:) I LOVE basketball.somtimes I wish hogwarts and harry potter were real.and if you people don't like harry potter you have led a sad life. So hopefully after this speech you will get I am a MAJOR potter head in fact I don't think there is a word that is descriptive enough about how much I luv harry potter. And I am absolutely obsessed with Percy Jackson! Especially Thalico! I find I like things better when they can't happen! I really love to publish fan fictions so plz read them!!!!!


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    I really like this plz update!
    Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase portal into the Wizarding World Of Harry Potter! (The story will be better than the summary...I promise) Percabeth, Ronmione, GinnyXHarry
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