• harrypotterisloveandlife
    it won't let me read it so.I'm gonna go to quotevcuz this is stupid
    A Downward Spiral (A Vampire Diaries Fan-Fiction)
    A Downward Spiral...
    Meet Alexis Gilbert aka Lexi, She's the loner girl in the back of the class, the one who doesn't have friends. She doesn't talk much and rarely answers when a teacher calls on her, She's the little sister...
  • harrypotterisloveandlife
    I rlly wanna read it but I'm apparentlY too young.Even though I'm an adult
    Queen of New Orleans.
    Queen of New Orlea...
    Everyone knows "the original" vampire family, especially Nicklaus, the original hybrid. But what if he was not the only hybrid .. What if there was a girl named Emma. A witch, vampire and werewolf hybrid,...
    Emma Mikaelson
    5 years ago
    i'm sorry.. i can lower the age, so you can read it if you want. but there will be some bad words and other things in there. SO now you are warned... :D
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