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    Full Name: Harrison Stewart Smith
    Age: 11
    Gender: Wizard
    Wand type: 12 1/2 inch, Cypress wood, Dragon core, unbending
    House: Gryffindor
    Looks: Short straight brown hair, blue/green eyes, short
    Personality: Humorous, intelligent, athletic, annoying to older sister, brave, loves animals and science, a romantic
    Has an older sister Hannah in third year and Hufflepuff, and two other younger siblings.
    Dueling club, Dumbledore's Army
    Welcome to Hogwarts
    Welcome to Hogwart...
    If you are a potterhead, you wished you were at Hogwarts and well now you can go. We know we said we start writing a long time ago, but we'll get this up and going asap! PLEASE APPLY, LOTS OF SPOTS...
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    *spiked up (most of the time) brown hair
    4 years ago
    Animagus into Griffin.
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