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    The story of my life
    dark, cold, myarms hurt why? Why can't I move to see my daughter? I hear her but shes to distant its like im being teased I need help! Jack! Jack! I hear my brothers call out but Itseems like there above me how? I dont understand where are they? As I hear them walk away I slowly hear the beating of myheart seeding up cause ik now they can't here me screaming for help I feel so close to home yet so far away I havent eaten in 2 days but the last bit of a 2 month old muffin its hard to move I rarely sleep and I cant have anything he tells me ill see them someday...its been so long I have no idea what my baby girl looks like ik she can hear me and ikshe loves me but I feel im not her mother as though I should be but as isit waiting I fall asleep......then my hands hit the ground the first time ive felt the dirt since the day he took me from my dad. is this it the day I see my family? Wait where is she where is my baby girl shes gone I have to find her... Wait shes out she running, I see her meet her father, that man the one who did this I have cuts on my wrist from the rope to tight......
    *to be continued
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