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Hey ya fellas! So you all probably know my real name from my profile. #^_^ lol, of course its Joan. Anyway my mom named me after Joan of Arc. :) And anyway, DO NOT read it as Jo-an, the syllable is something like 'John', so do not mistaken it! (PS: lots of my friends mistakened it as that, but it stays anyway becuz they're all used to it!)
Here's something you need to know about me:
Nationalism: Malaysia (So, apparently I'm a Malaysian Chinese and I know how to speak Chinese Malay and English. You have any problems with that?)
Last Name: Ong Ai Nee (Yes, I know, Chinese names are weird.)
Fav song: Unfriend You (A fan of Greyson, and his voice really has calming effects on me.)
Real age: Actually, I'm 13. So that explains my grammar mistakes. But I'm turning 14 on 8 January 2014.
Ambition: My actual ambition is actually singing, but I also take interest in therapist too. Oh, and writing!
Hobby: Kind of a shocker, but my hobby is drawing and painting. Drawing animation, sketching potraits, painting landscapes...you name it.my skilled ones are drawing animation and portrait sketching. (Mind you, it may not be very skillful, I admit.)
Dreams: To have a wonderful family with two sweet children to call my own. But until then, I'm happy with my family right now.
Religion: A really religious catholic. So yeah I'm thinking about playing the piano for the churh's choir. And yes, I know how to play the piano.
Your dream guy: Someone who is willing to wait. Someone who is truthful to me. Someone who doesn't lie to me on purpose. Someone who I fell in love with.
Any heartbreaks: Once, lol I'm only thirteen. He actually played with my heart. I didn't wanna talk about him.
A little bio bout myself:
Okay, turning fourteen next month, have a few best friends, my passion is writing and creating songs and drawing amd the person I hated most on earth is a guy call Kelvin
So that's all for now now that you know about me check out my story(s). ><

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    mumbled "Whoa, hold on a second dudes!"

    I'm the crazy girl~ I'm the crazy girl~
    Who's the crazy girl? I am!
    So come check my new story out cause you are gonna be crazy hanging out with me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Haha, I wonder why I got so high today... :/
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    mumbled "I'm in love with 1D~~~"

    Did you heard me right? In love with 1D?
    Yes!!! You do! There's nothing wrong with your ears so you don't need to check-up. =_=
    I'm finally teenage and turning 14 in a few days. Happy birthday to me? >_<
    Anyway, who wasn't in love with 1D? Raise your hands and my sis will kill you. (seriously, I mean it.)
    P.S: Don't worry, 1D, I'm not the crazy fan girl kind, more like a...paparazzi kind of fan...
    See ya! Always wanna be ya!
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    mumbled "OMG! I'm back! "

    Oh My God! I can't believe I wasn't back for like, what? A year? Oh that's awful!
    Realized I'm all chirpy? Yap, I'm back and all good, with a new story I had been working on. Sooo Chiao!
    Remember to check me out. >_~
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    Come on guys! there's 48 views already and there were only a few comments? whether its bad or not pls comment! I won't be mad even its a bad comment!
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