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    mumbled "A mistake"

    Yesterday, I accidentally updated the next chapter about the Marauders, while it wasn't complete yet. So for those who have read; you had a little sneak peak ;)
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    mumbled "I'm back! I guess"

    Hey guys, I didn't have time to write in like forever, but I'm writing my own novel as well. I think I'll post a few chapters on this website as well. I just noticed that my third book of James Potter and the Marauders has more than 10k views! Thank you so much!
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    mumbled "Lack of updating"

    I am so terribly sorry for the lack of updating. I've been super busy with school and I have a boyfriend now, so it's hard to divide my spare time.
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    mumbled "Really??"

    I had finally finished the last chapter of 'Not easy, being the sister of a werewolf' when my internet conncection broke down... Now I've lost it! I hope I'll have time to update tomorrow...
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