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Hey guys, this is my backup account. My main account is Dancer321 so go check out my other profile too. Please only fan my main account because I am deleting this one soon. I never use it anymore and I want people to see my account that I actually use. Thank you! <3

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    Hello, you may know me as Dancer321 which is my main account. I will be deleting my backup account, which is this one. I will have a new backup account on Movellas. The username will be:MovellasWriter321. SO PLEASE I BEG YOU, DONT FAN THIS ACCOUNT. GO FAN MY NEW ONE, THANK YOU SO MUCH. FAN MY NEW BACKUP AND MY MAIN ACCOUNT. Dancer321(main) and new backup (MovellasWriter321)
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    Hey everyone, can you fan my main account, Dancer321. I want to delete this account soon because I don't use it anymore. Fan my main account and you can stop fanning me on this one. Thank you so much everyone!

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    Hey guys my main account is @[A Nobody] and this is my backup. I have decided to pack up some books and leave Movellas. I may be on in later days but I decided that there are some things I need to take care of offline first. I will leave my books behind for you guys to read. Thank you for love and support but I need to take care of things offline immeadiatly. I hope things do workout so I can be on Movellas again.
    5 years ago
    Btw I am just leaving....FOR NOW!

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