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Hai, I'm Winter! I'm here to bring you poems and other types of awesomeness!
I've read some stories and my Fave Movellians (at the moment) are: FrogglyBoggly99 & IceCreamBoy! :D
I am open for critisism on any of my stories/poems, so don't be afraid to give some advice (as long as its not to jump off a cliff ;) ).
Behold, the majestic fish mascot dancin' with some peeps: ┏(-_-)┛┏(-_-)┓ ¸.·´¯`·.¸><(((º> ┗(-_- )┓┗(-_-)┛
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    mumbled "Too Long... ---- BRIEF LIFE UPDATE ---- IMPORTANT NEWS!!! ----"

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    Well... It feels like forever since I was on this site (a year is close enough). I'll get back in the swing of things. :3
    Hopefully, I'll get to catch up with everyone I know here... :D

    Onto the life update:

    Negatives first right...? :
    -Autumn found out a year ago that she has a bad problem with her immune system (One of the reasons why we left). It's coming up to winter and we have to be careful so she doesn't catch anything...
    -Summer had to move back to Ireland six months ago because of family issues and has yet to return. (Luckly, Skype enables us to keep in contact).

    Now for the positives:
    -I'm now in my final year of sixth form; Autumn decided to go take an apprenticeship in her mum's shop.
    -We're still dating; out relationship is stronger than ever thanks to the reason you'll read below...


    We might as well come back with big news, right? *Clears throat* Well, here it is....

    Autumn and I are having a baby!!!
    Yeah, I know some of you may be thinking, 'wtf ur only 18 and 19 yrs old, the hell u thinkin?!' or 'dafuq wrong wit u?!', but when we found out, we came to the decision together to keep him/her. Yeah, it'll be tough, but after all we've been through, we believe we can stand it. Both our parents know and have agreed to support us if we need it; I have already secured a stable job that'll help us get started, along with side money we have already saved up. Another thing is that we're kinda concerned about Autumn's weak immune system affecting the baby, but we have been reassured that it won't affect him/her, much to our relief. :)

    If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask!
    It's truly great to be back.
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    (Sorry if the pics are big XD )
    Winter Solstice

    (But with Silver eyes & slightly tanned skin) Tall, strong build.
    4 Years

    Personality: Chatty, funny, smart, caring, fast.
    Extra: Has twin sister called Summer ( :) I see u der, Aurora), loves chariot races, archery & Capture the Flag. Expert in laying the Cello. :)
    A Real Camp-Half Blood - Open -
    A Real Camp-Half...
    This is like The Real Hunger Games! Except Camp-Half Blood btw the authors of The real hunger games are Cambie Shadownight and Kennedy Shadownight ( hope I spelled all of that right ) anyway yeah please...
    :D CELLOS!!!
    4 years ago
    Haha, yup ;)
    Extra info on the sword:
    From bottom of hilt to tip of blade, its almost as long as my arm-span (Pretty long XD)
    Can be used in one hand, but works best with two.
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    Aurora said she loves the outfit, Nightsong. :) (She said she can't post at the moment, 'cus she's busy with stuff, so she told me to tell you. )
    My Drawings
    My Drawings
    These are my drawings. Most will be digital so bear with me when you see how terrible they are.
    4 years ago
    Thank you! I found a base to draw the outfit on, but the male one isn't working with the program I used... I will try to work on it and post it asap!
    4 years ago
    I just posted your outfit! Hope you like it!
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    I can name some missing people!
    Stylist for 4 (Keto): @[IceCreamBoy]
    Stylist for 13 (Onyx): @[EleosPhos]

    Also, the person with the character Angel Murillio (Herobrine) left. :(
    A Real Life Hunger Games - Mentors, Stylists, and Sponsors!
    A Real Life Hunger...
    This is another part to the main A Real Life Hunger Games movella to keep the subject of the Mentors and Stylists a little more organized! This will also be a place for the sponsors to refer to rather...
    Kennedy Shadownight
    Thanks so much! I'll fix it later, I'm on my phone at the moment, so typing isn't my thing right now! But thanks again!
    5 years ago
    No prob, Kennedy. :)
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    Full Name: Winter Solstice
    Nick Name: Sunny
    Age: 16
    District: 4
    Family: Twin sister, Summer. No parents.
    (But with golden eyes) Tanned complexion, tall, strong build, almost always has a kind and gentle expression.
    Weapon: Can work with anything, but excels in long range combat and traps.
    Personality: Strong, caring, thoughtful, sweet, funny, trustworthy.
    Skills: Hand-to-hand combat, running, climbing, swimming, survival, anything to do with plants, strategy.
    Allies: Automatically allied with sister as they have always worked together. Could accept more possible allies, other careers included.
    Enemies: None.
    Reaping Circumstances: Volunteered as second tribute to protect Summer.
    Score: 11

    Good to be partners in another HG, Aurora. XD
    89th Annual Hunger Games
    89th Annual Hunger...
    It's years since Katniss and Peter won the Hunger Games and everything has returned to what it used to be before the resurrection of District 13. It is now time for the 89th Annual Hunger Games and so...
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