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I love B.A.P. <3 <3 <3 ZELO
<3 Green Day <3
<3 Ed Sheeran <3
<3 Stephan King
<3 Lilo and Stitch (Who doesn't?)
<3 The Script
<3 Guns N' Roses
<3 Big Spoons
<3 Blue Kool-Aid
<3 Writing
<3 London

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    Our Season
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    If you're reading...
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  • Devoted Thoughts
    Devoted Thoughts
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  • Gizmo

    mumbled "New Novel!!!"

    4 years agoReply
    DiscordMany use the word discord for noise. That night, that's all I heard. Noise. A constant buzzing, almost like static. It was sharp. It was numb, but it almos...
  • Gizmo

    mumbled "New Novel!"

    4 years agoReply

    Hey guys! New story of mine is now out! WOOP WOOP! Would love if you would read it. It's called "Discord," I think you'll really enjoy it. Thanks so much guyses, I love you all! :) :D
  • Gizmo
    4 years agoReply
    Hey there! I'm very sorry that I did not get back to you sooner. I have been really busy with school work, and I'm not sure I can continue to help co-author "The Grier" with you. I am very sorry if this disappoints you, but I must think of my studies above anything. So thank you for the fun experience! I hope I helped with the first few chapters, and I hope this gets a lot of hits later on! Sorry again. I hope you have fun finishing it, I'll be sure to check in a little later. :) :D
  • Gizmo

    mumbled "1 more to 80 fans!"

    4 years agoReply
    Hey guyses! I just need one more fan to reach 80. So could we maybe make that happen? Maybe 85? PWEASE! Haha :) :D
  • Gizmo

    mumbled "Hia! :) :D"

    5 years agoReply
    Hia, guyses!!! I am back! But with a new beginning comes a lot of chance and change. I'm taking down a ton of my stories and leaving a few up. I feel that I need to write them for myself once again and then post them when I finish. I'm sorry if you were enjoying some of them, but I also have a lot of new stories coming up when I finish them, so there's an up. :) I hope I still have fans because it seems like nobody really cares anymore. :( but if you are a fan, please make your last comments on the stories that are left so far. I could really use some cheering up also cause I've been really down lately. Anywooooo, please comment on here or on my stories. I will still have an account so I will be fanning people still. If you want me to read your stories, I will happily do so. So...see ya! :) :D
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