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Hello I'm gisselle bye now����

  • 1Dloverkinda
    Omg that is amazing how do u come up with that stuff ur awesome
    Criminal || L.T •
    Criminal || L.T...
    A criminal escaped. They warned to us not to open our doors. But I opened my door to a beautiful blue eyed monster, who changed my life forever. "You can't fall in love with a criminal." He once...
  • 1Dloverkinda
    Please updateee so I can read mire
    So im gay?!
    So im gay?!
    "I cant believe I'm in love with my step brother , but , but I'm a boy"
    Jess girl
    4 years ago
    Im sorry for not updating its just that I've been too busy the last couple days but i promise I'm updating soon
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