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I like a lot of bands.. C: Like One Direction, SWS, NSN, BOTDF, RJA, and many numerous more. I like watching youtubers. C: I like cupcakes. My last name is actually Boss, so from now on when I do something awesome I will say, "Like a Norris." CX

Does anyone know Damon Fizzy? If so, I met him 5.21.13 C: Best Day Of Muh Lyfe.

I hope you have a magnificent day now.. C:

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    mumbled "Best Day of Muh Lyfe"

    I met THE DAMON FIZZY, day before yesterday. He is the most amazing human being on this Earth. asdfghjklASDFGHJKL. If you dont know him, you can watch his videos on YouTube.
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    Put me and Bri as co-authors?
    My secret,twisted unknown life
    My secret,twisted...
    Skylar Caprise and Olivia Stone are bffs. Life couldn't get any better. Then, Sky starts having weird dreams about her and Livi killing an unknown man. But what happens, when they are arrested for murder...
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    Hey, can I have an imagine please? Kiersten (Kier), Brown hair, blue/green eyes, P.G., Niall. Thank you. C:
    1D Imagines;)
    1D Imagines;)
    Hey guys!:) I thought I would make individual 1D imagines for anyone who wants one!!! Tell me your name, hair color and styles, and eye color. Tell me if you would like G or PG (Sorry not doing anything...
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