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    mumbled "Restart"

    Hey guys, I'm deciding to sort of restart my account. My first story turned into a new one. It would be great for someone to read it and give feedback. I really want to work on it, nut I don't know if my co author wants to help me on this one. Please, if you have time read my newest story.
  • GeekyGirl1234
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    The Swallows Sign
    The Swallows Sign
    Peppa may be a clever girl but there is a mystery which has haunted her life since she could talk. Since she was born she has worn the mark of five small black swallow marks on her forearm, rather like...
    edvin damien
    7 years ago
    Lily Anna
    7 years ago
    Ok, we'll try, but at the moment we don't really know where we're going with the story, but we'll try our best. :)
  • GeekyGirl1234
    update soon!
    Daughter of the Gods
    Daughter of the...
    This is a Percy Jackson fan-fic. It is after the second titan war and all of the gods have made a pact.Athena came up with a way to ensure this pact is kept.The gods will never divide again.They have...
    Le Fox
    7 years ago
    Just did!
  • GeekyGirl1234

    mumbled "A book"

    Anyone want to co author with me or to you I'm creative and can't sadly think of stories on my own
    7 years ago
    I will if you need help. I write stories for fun so I think I could have some ideas for you.
  • GeekyGirl1234
    I love it! So cool , your very descriptive ! Would you mind if I co authored? I love this genre
    The Trapped Soul
    The Trapped Soul
    Adolescent psychics are very rare in The Glades, Tennessee…especially deep in the woods. Freya Lyric Bleu is one of those rare gems – she just doesn’t know it, yet. Freya is a seven year old girl, who...
    Bee Mystique
    7 years ago
    Hi! Thanks a bunch! Umm...I'd rather just keep writing this and stuff on my own, sorry! But thank you for taking interest! x
    7 years ago
    It's fine I'm just love the creativity in your work and its hard to think for me. Anyway thanks for the book though KEEP WRITTING!!
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