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    mumbled "Exciting News!!!"

    Okay, I have exciting news! Clearly, other wise I would have titled it something else :P Any who, the news that I'm wanting to tell you is... THE FIRST CHAPTER OF Acting Away Out WILL BE UP IN ABOUT 10 MINUTES! AND! Since I have been doing a crappy job, I'm going to post TWO chapters for you guys!

    I hope you guys enjoy Acting Away Out!
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    mumbled "I'm failing so badly right now..."

    I am so sorry that Acting Away Out isn't out yet! I have been really busy and also on top of that Movellas deleted it... Lucky me though, I typed the few chapter that I had on my laptop! I'm trying to get it all back up and running, but it won't let me add any co-authors which is making it hard because my friend edits all the chapters. At the moment she isn't able to get on and edit the chapters... So I'll be giving her my account password so she can edit the chapters till we figure out the whole co-author thing. If you have any ideas as to why it won't let me add her, or if you now how I can fix it please let me know! Again sorry the first chapter should be up soon!
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    mumbled "SUPER SORRY!"

    I AM SO SORRY!!! I know I said that a new movella would be up soon at the end of Red Flag. I am super super sorry that there isn't one up yet. I have been really busy with school, tennis, and Key Club this year. BUT good news! I finished my end of year test two weeks ago, so I was able to really start working on the new movella! And also today was my last day for writing class, so I have even more time to write the new story! Hopefully the first chapter will be posted next week, but I'm not making any promises to that because I keep going back changing thing in the first chapter... *Cough* special me *cough* It should be posted next month though! And since I have been really crappy about doing stuff on Movellas, I will tell you the name of the new story! It's called Acting Away Out! I promise right before I post the first chapter I will send out a mumble so you guys will get a heads up!
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