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Hi! I'm a Fantasy Author who loves almost anything story related. I believe stories are the ties that binds humanity, and what sets it free.

I'm a big fan of authors such as Tamora Pierce, Mercedes Lackey, Anne McCaffrey, Patrick Rothfuss and JRR Tolkien.

I especially love working with the more sociological and cultural aspects of fantasy worlds. I mainly stay within the Rama Empire novels, featuring a world of my own making, and attempt to encompass all aspects of life.

Messages about updates, news about publications, appearances etc. can be found on my facebook page.

Current works:
Ashes of the Ylan: Updates every Sunday

  • G. Talmont

    mumbled "New short story! - The Fletcher, Updates every Sunday."

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    The Fletcher by G. Talmont

    “Moon shines on our meeting,” he whispered roughly, holding his hands up, palms out, offering her everything.

    The Antirian wars are finally over between Enshal and Antir. After two years of peace, lives are beginning to fall back into peaceful rhythms. The Mahayan tribes return to their nomadic ways on the Wild Plains, no longer needed to help Enshal do battle.

    Chehera is soul-bonded to a young stallion, a wild horse and name-sake to her tribe, and in a precarious position. Her bonded is growing fast, and with the mares nearing heat, it won't be long before blood is spilled between him and the herd stallion – If their bond breaks, Chehera will most likely die with her bonded. She has accepted her fate, but everything is turned upside down, when a mysterious stranger comes to the Wild Plains.
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    mumbled "Completed Movella: Fire's Promise"

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    And that finishes that- Thank you for reading along! Please leave a comment, a like, or a tiny bit of appreciation if you liked the story and want me to continue work on the next part. You brighten my day - Have a good one!
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    Some of you will have noticed that there was not one, but five updates today! The last three should be up before the end of the week, finishing Fire's Promise, and completing the first part of Ashes of the Ylan.
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