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Hi there Movellas! I'm a pretty weird person who is in to many things. My fandoms are Sherlock, Naruto, Bleach, Doctor Who, Men In Black, James Bond, 1D, 5SoS and many more!

Some of my OTP's include Johnlock, NaruHina, KakaNaru and IchiHime.

I can't wait to meet people and read some of the amazing stories out there!

  • Georganna. Rose

    mumbled "First story on here"

    Hi, so this is my first story on here it's called Untamed. Can you please take a look and give me some CC? I'm in need of it.
    Untamed; Book 1Selwyn: The first origin is from the Roman (Latin) clan name Silvanus, a personal name meaning the God of the Forest and probably found in the spelling...
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