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  • FutureMrsMalik999
    Hi! :) My Name Is Bryanna, I Have Brown Eyes, And My Hair Is Dark Brown. And For The Boy, Could It Be Zayn? And You Could Suprise My With The Plot ;) Thank You So Much!!! <3
    1D Imagines ♡
    1D Imagines ♡
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    7 years ago
    Sure ill post it tomorrow! Promise!
  • FutureMrsMalik999
    Can I Have One With Zayn? My Name Is Bryanna, And Can We Meet At A Park? :)
    One Direction Imagines
    One Direction Imag...
    sorry, this is closed until i finish all of my other requests. P.S I dont to dirty imagines
  • FutureMrsMalik999
    Hi Nialls Wife! ;) Umm.. Well I Have Dark Brown Hair, And My Eyes Are Brown As Well. And I'm Pretty Short (5'1) But Can I Have An Imagine With Zayn?? :D And For The Scene.... We're Friends, And We Watch Movies For The Entire Day, And At One Point Admits That He Loves Me And I Feel The Same Way (Of Course!!) <3 Thanks! :)
    One direction imagines ( on hold)
    One direction imag...
    Hey just tell me your features what boy and stuff for your imagine. Hope you guys like it.
  • FutureMrsMalik999
    My Name Is Bryanna, And I Have Brown Hair That's A Little More Than Half Way Down My Back, But I'm 5'1, So I'm Pretty Short... Haha, Brown Eyes, Tan Skin, Can I Have A Zayn Imagine? <3 I'm 14, Romantic And The Setting Could Be On A Beach! :D Thanks! (:
    One Direction Imagines
    One Direction Imag...
    I will do imagines. Just comment what you look like,age,boy,clean,dirty,romantic ect, and what happens. I'll also do preferences.
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