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i say "cringe" a lot and tag it with a " :/ "

Anti-Cringe Alliance

by , Friday October 11, 2019
Anti-Cringe Alliance

Anti Cringe Alliance Recruitment 


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  • funnyhahabruh

    mumbled ""humble yourself""

    this person was mad cuz of the crossed out pride flag in a post of mine and as my profile picture and then we had this... wonderful interaction.

    (bruh i made a typo in the comeback)
    Dreaming of Tomorrow
    Movellas is a writing community that has been supportive to it's writers for years. To have a crossed out pride flag is highly offensive to a community that cares about each other regardless of their colour, race, religion and sexual orientation.
    3 hours ago
    yo issa joke. calm down. the friend who invited me to the site is lgbt and this is a joke/meme account, if you want to talk it out then dm me.
    3 hours ago
    @[Dreaming of Tommorow]

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