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    Juniper Raven Spruce, Hufflepuff, Redwood-unicorn hair core-9 3/4", Auburn hair with teal streak (always has hair in side braid with one wavy strand coming out of one end)- light brown eyes with a hint of green- on weekends she wears long and far to big sweaters (always natural tones) with black leggings and creme flats-lips are luscious and always has a hint of a smile (good for kissing), she is 5' 2'', half blood, 13 1/2, dreamy- sweet- considerate- empathetical- whimsical- absurd- calming, loves to dance without meaning, D.
    Our Year At Hogwarts
    Our Year At Hogwar...
    Now you can really go to Hogwarts. You, the readers, will be the characters, the time, and what happens. I am no longer taking new people sorry.
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    update please please please!!!!! sooooooo good!!!!!!
    Wizarding Week
    Wizarding Week
    Louise has always dreamt of going somewhere completely new, and when her school organises an exchange with a mysterious school called Hogwarts, it's her perfect moment. Louise doesn't realise the magic...
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