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Hi! I'm Louis, 16 and loving life! No, that sounded too cheesy. Hellooooo, I'm Louis, and I loooooveeee.... No, that can't be right. Basically, I'm Louis, 16 and from England. There! That sounded not so bad! Oh and if you're reading this, I love you, especially Ellie and Sara!

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    You ought update this soon. It's... Extraordiharry and so... Unique.
    JJ Saved My Life ~~Fanfic For Ellie (@EllieeTomlinson)~~
    JJ Saved My Life...
    *Read it to find out!* FOR YOU ELLIE!!!! I LOVE YOU!!! This fan fiction is for you boo! <3 <3 Xx Reych
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    Good job love, love it!
    Two Lives
    Two Lives
    Luke Brooks, the nerd who would often sit at the front of the classroom, who would hand in his homework hours early, who would avoid getting into trouble, who would never speak, who would get bullied,...
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    When I found out about what happened to Cory, I cried. I never really cry, but I cried. I shut off all of my connections with the outside world and grieved alone. I wish that you were still here. I'm a Gleek. A massive Gleek. It was like watching my world crumble apart when I read a news article about your death. But... I'm happy for you. You're now in peace. No worries. "Go and tell your idol how much you love them because mine is already gone"
    I would have loved to have known you personally, be friends with you. You're amazing. Beyond amazing even.

    Thank you for helping me through my troubles, and being an inspiration.
    Dedication To Cory Monteith
    Dedication To Cory...
    These are letters to our beloved Cory. Write your words to him in the comments and I will add them in. I accept everyone's letter. Thank you.
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