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I love to read books and chat with my friends about them!

Most people don't strike me as that kind of person.

And by that kind of person I mean the type of person who is really nerdy and proud! #BOOKS4LIFE.

I love Tennis, Soccer, Football, track, and writing.

Yes, writing to me is a very awesome sport although it may not be athletic :/

I love galaxy XD It's all in my name :)

My role model would definitely be @SkyeS she is a wonderful person and a great role model.

My favorite Movella...hmmm....very hard question because ALL BOOKS ARE WONDERFUL!

My best Friend on Movella's and in real life is : @AlienQueen

And if you have more questions I will soon be making a GALAXY_FLAWLESS<# Questions and answers Movella (Q & A)

    omg okay :)
    Unnatural Love -Book 1-
    Unnatural Love -Bo...
    After Avery runs over Riker with her car she has been frequently visiting him in the hospital. Does he like her? she wonders..? But she also wonders...Does she like him..? This is Book 1 of this going...
    omg yasss
    The Secret Diary of a Teenage Girl
    The Secret Diary...
    Just so everyone out there who thinks that people do things for attention- I write this because I need to express myself through writing. I am not that well at verbal expression of things said in this...
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