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Hey guys, y'all may know me as BritsWithKoalas, but I kinda changed my whole entire account. I was getting a lot of hate, so I just decided to start over, I deleted all my old stories and I'm just going to write more serious now, which means no more 1D fanfics. If you want to un-fan me that's fine. But I hope you guys like my new stories. :)

  • Finny Trinket
    I just realized that Taylor has the same name as Taylor Swift and he's datig Harry haha but I still don'ttrust Taylor she may seem differnt but idk she seems a bit sketchy to me, Love the story update!
    Blindfolded - (sequel to High on Love)
    Blindfolded - (seq...
    The drama and love continues. - Emily and Taylor goes on vacation to Sweden, but guess who they meet? One Direction, and guess who's there. Both of Emilys x 'boyfriends'. Harry and Niall. But what happens...
  • Finny Trinket
    Gender: Unicorn
    Fav 1D member: Kevin
    Reason for co authoring: Your mom
    Would you date a member of 1D in the story: Can I date myself? I'm a self sexual
    Fav. Color: The color of Gummy bears on drugs
    Anything else random about you: My freind's drug dealer is a girraffe
    Stole My Heart
    Stole My Heart
    Krista Transfers from America to England for her senior year in high school (I know pretty lame parents) and then she was supposed to come back home. But, what if she were to meet a boy who would steal...
  • Finny Trinket
    Really good! Please update soon! btw I saw that you and lots of other writers have that 'M' in the corner of your pic, what does that mean?
    Let Me Love You (Sequel to Take Me Home)
    Let Me Love You...
    Sequel to Take Me Home(read that first) Same characters, takes place a month after Take Me Home finished so read.
    Finny Trinket
    8 years ago
    What does that mean?
    8 years ago
    They welcome people to Movellas and stuff. It will probably be better if llm123 tells you instead. She probably knows more.
    8 years ago
    Yea it's like what Life's-AmaZAYN said we help ppl and we comment on new movellas and we can particable in things 4 the website
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