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Hiya. I'm Fezzes and I am terrible at posting stories, I always forget! There's nothing else very interesting about me so I'm just gonna leave now. *slips quietly out of the room*

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    Seriously? I mean, I love movellas and everything but I don't see any point in posting any of my stories now because well, they're hardly going to be read are they? Unless of course I put a picture of Niall Horan or Harry Styles as a book cover. There are some absolutely amazing, creative, fantastic stories on this website that deserve to be an actual book. These have maybe two or three favourites. Then, you have the One Direction fanfics that are unsuitable, strange, freaky, unoriginal, annoying, pornographic (I am serious), terribly written, appalling spelling and grammar... I could go on for ages. And these ridiculous stories have hundreds of favourites. Really? A story from movellas that went on to become a book was a 1D fanfic originally. I'd love to make an awful fanfic just for the craic and see what happens. I bet it will get a hundred likes. I joined this site because I wanted people to read my stories and they did, one of my first stories was on the front page for a day or two. I was so happy, I felt like I was being noticed, that this was the start of becoming a writer. It's always been my dream and I'm sure lots of other members of this site share that dream. The next day people lost interest entirely and I felt so upset. My story that I worked hard on and I'm still writing to this day, was replaced by a 1D fanfiction that was obviously just terrible. I felt so annoyed. I don't write anything now, no one notices. For God's sake, get rid of the fanfics, or just rename the site as a One Direction fanfiction site. What do the authors of these fanfics think, that it'll get the boys' attention? That they'll magically whisk them away to a life of fame and concerts and everything will be just like it is in their fanfic? Dream on. The lads themselves said that the fanfictions are strange and that some make them uncomfortable. Some insult their girlfriends, make them out to be evil. They hate that, they've said it multiple times. I am a Directioner, but this is ridiculous. I wouldn't do this, make them out to be something they're not. I like them how they are and I'd certainly detest them if they were like they are in the fanfictions. This has gone on too long, come on! Movellas, you need to notice that a lot of people aren't happy about this! Something has to be done, or you'll lose a lot of very talented writers.
    Okay rant over, I just hope someone listens.
    6 years ago
    I agree with you completely.

    6 years ago
    Also, I've been going through the Ts&Cs, and you can't write pornographic movellas. Says it right there, number one under the Movellas Content Policy.
    edvin damien
    6 years ago
    One, I love your username, sorry but it had to be said and two, when I came to this site I was happy, because I LOVE writing, now, I go on to fight against horrible 1D fanfics, thats the only reason, now I get exited if someone says: This is good, can you read my novella? I mean, I refused to let my ten year old sister in the site. Do you really want this Movellas staff? For more info go to What to do? It pretty much explains the lot. I mean, I was on this site since I was nine, when I was eleven I read a book about sex in every explicit detail, and I am literally scarred for life...Well not really scared. I am not proud to say that I am on Movellas anymore, I make sure none of my friends go on Movellas now
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    mumbled "Hey look a blog!"

    Wow, I've never done a blog before. This is an entirely new experience for me. Cool.
    Anyway, the reason I'm doing this blog thingy is because I'm going to delete one of my movellas, School Days, because it isn't really useful and it doesn't play a huge part in the series (which still has no name, help?) But I will add a whole bunch of short stories about Ryan and a couple of other main characters in the new story until I eventually get round to posting the actual story. Sorry to anyone who really liked the story.
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    Awww! Charlotte got a boyfriend and everything's okay now and yaaay! Well done on finishing it, I loved the series so much!
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    Is this based on Perks of Being a Wallflower? It's really good!
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