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  • FeliscisFeather19734
    This story is off to a nice beginning. I love how it is different from many other stories on Movellas. There are a few small typos that I noticed, but other than that it's great. Good luck with your writing! :-)
    Pitroxo is your average wizard apprentice, practicing under the wing of Elder Wizard Octavius. When a desperate messanger comes looking for a courageous young magic weilder, Wesley's destiny comes clear....
  • FeliscisFeather19734
    Very good, but needs paragraphs. :)
    My Lovely, Caroline
    My Lovely, Carolin...
    Caroline Crescent is the new member of the Slytherin house. She, of course, fits in write away. Draco Malfoy seems to be drawn to her, and she's drawn to him. No matter how you look at them, there...
    Nitori Mikoshiba
    6 years ago
    There were paragraphs, but something happened and it didn't come out right. Ill make sure it works right in the next chapter.
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