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I'm a positive girl with a lot of Dreams. One of them is writing so that people can relate and find themselves wanting to read more of my story, so I really hope you'll like my stories! :)
I live in Sweden, although I wish I lived in Los Angeles... Anyway, I hope you like my writing!
Lots of love Felicia <3

  • _Feliciasstories_
    I love your writing! :D
    Update soon pls? <3
    Kiss My Ass
    Kiss My Ass
    "You cheated on me?" I ask softly in disbelief, eyes fluttering the tears away, or trying to. "Riley, you and I both knew this wasn't working out," he says, shrugging. I throw my hands in the air....
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    mumbled "No WIFI!"

    Hey everyone! So, I´m leaving my grandmas place in 10 mins, going to our beach house!
    The thing is: there´s no internet in that house so I won't be able to update the story untill Saturday!
    I might come to my grandmas house again before that so I might update sooner though! :)
    Please keep leaving feedback and show your friends the story if you like it!
    Thank you!
    Bye for now! I love you all! <3
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    mumbled "New Movella?"

    Hey everyone! I was thinking about writing a new story, this time a fan fic!
    I have two ideas but I don´t know if I want to start a new movella while I´m already writing one called "Tell me you love me"... I would appreciate it if you could read that story and then tell me what you think! Should I just keep writing on that one, or should I start a fan fic? :)
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    Hahahahahah started laughing when I red about "Felicia" cause, I must say that we seem VERY alike ;)
    Love the story! Keep writing! <3
    A summerflirt? (1D)
    A summerflirt? (1D...
    Charlie Rowe moved from Sweden with her mum to Holmes Chapel in England to start a new life after her fathers death. She didn't think that she would meet the famous Harry Styles. Could this be the beginning...
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    mumbled "Can you change your age?"

    I accedently wrote that I´m born in 1998, when I´m really born in 1997, and now movell won´t let me read some of the stories! It´s super annoying knowing that theres a 16 y. old limit, but I stll cant take adantige of my age because of a stupid mistake! Please help me! If you know how to change your age, please tell me how!
    Thank you
    OMG! I DID IT! IT WORKED! I just had to change the year AND make sure to press what date im born to! Thank you all for the help! And also, please read my movella "Tell me you love me" and leave feedback!
    edvin damien
    7 years ago
    Well your lucky then I guess
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