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Hey, I'm Moriciant. Or Mori, if it's easier.

  • Dera'Val Mintra

    The Old War, Anew

    The most ancient forces the world hath ever wrought rise again, returning from a dreary oblivion to settle a fued as old as time itself.
    Dera'Val Mintra
    4 days ago
    *It's been quite some time since they arrived, several months at least, but without human interaction the area doesn't look too different. As you get up and stretch out properly, movement triggers a seal on the dais, dropping the barrier around you, letting you out almost.*

    Z: I remember, they were called Hunters originally, I believe. I choose simply to oversee, as you know, so if I could just - *he raises his hand and curls it, a little ball of light forming in his palm that he stashes away in his cloak.* There, a small sample, safely stored, best not to lose things once they're made. Do as you wish.
    4 days ago
    Me: Well, if I can't find her, I'll make her come to me. *I sit down and hold out my hand, a blue flame sparking in my hand. I flick it towards the tree, catching it alight almost instantly* Welp. Sounds good to me.

    Curator: Wonderful, thank you. *the entire void part of the hunters ceases to exist in an instant, all at once.* The survivors of the split will most likely adapt into the new energy that's flowing through the void. Meaning this will have to be a task of continuous attention. But I'm fine with that.
    Dera'Val Mintra
    4 days ago
    ??: *The tree catches to the magical flame and the fire starts to spread rapidly, an intensive ground fire quickly roaring to life and tearing through the forest. It's only burning for several minutes before something, not arya but one of the new native creatures to this world after it was wiped clean; comes searching for the source. It appears to be some sort of monstrous stag, huge and grotesquely muscled, magically enhanced and seemingly unaffected by the flames, just glowing and basking in the heat, a third eye shimmering dazedly in it's forehead.*

    Z: Unless you unroot them entirely I'm afraid they will persist to be weeds in the background of your machinations until our garden inevitably ceases of it's own fruition. Though, given time, they will unmake themselves. They merely need continue to work.

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