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Hey, I'm Moriciant. Or Mori, if it's easier.

  • Dera'Val Mintra

    The Old War, Anew

    The most ancient forces the world hath ever wrought rise again, returning from a dreary oblivion to settle a fued as old as time itself.
    23 minutes ago
    Joe: Yes, how exciting. Alright, where do we check first?
    Eegal: The temple could be anywhere in Ather, I don't know the culture and history well enough, All I know is Endie is the goddess of judgement, for the afterlife.
    Joe: ... Well, neither do I.
    Etho: We should check the desert. Those in the desert were obsessed with the afterlife. *She opens a green portal that a large burst of cold air suddenly pours through.* ... Looks like it's still night there. Come on, let's go before it gets too warm.
    Joe: Ah, yes. I always handled the cold better anyway. *He walks on through the portal with Eegal*
    18 minutes ago
    Jack: *he groans quietly* I hate hot places... *slowly, he waddles through the portal*
    12 minutes ago
    Etho: That's why we're going now... *Closes the portal as she follows them into the desert*

    *The sands of the desert shimmer a pale white under the Eiren moon. and they appear to just stretch on forever.*
    Joe: ... I hate sand. Let's make this quick. *Eegal dissapears* Right, where should we go from here?
    Etho: Well, I'm sure the temple would either be carved into a cliff face or a some kind of built structure. We should look for signs of an older civilisation, or any kind I suppose...
    Joe: So... just bricks? Alright, shouldn't be too hard...

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