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Sunshine, lollipops, raimbows and all that other shit...
Hey there!
I'm Fawn, just saying. I'm sure it says right there; FAWN. :)
I have friends (surprise, surprise!), and out of all of them, I'm probably the one with the fairy posters and the one who will not only sing along to the song, but dance around her room in her knickers, screaming into her hairbrush >.<
I love writing, and I want to grow up and be an author. (yeah, like that's gonna happen.) :D
It's an honour to write for you, blah blah, ect. ect. .
I love The Big Bang Theory, P!NK and travelling 'round the world. Yes, I love anime and I'm a brill drawer too! Did I mention, I'm British? Yup, so if 1D comes my way, I'm ready for 'em! I'm half Irish too. Half English, Half Irish. The world finally makes sence! ^.^
Well, your wish is my command, so I'll do what I came here to do ~
WRITE! ^.^ (and make friends... )

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I shall call you all my little fruit loops, because I'm a bit loopy myself!
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