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I'm should start writing but please hold on I will start in the summer of 12 and 13 but don't expect much. love all my fans and please become a fan if your not.
love you all <3 <3!!!!!

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    Same i need to know who the txt was for
    Summer love
    Summer love
    Back in 2009 Ella had a summer romance with a young boy called Harry whilst they where in France with their families. It was the best summer of her life. Since then she has tried to get on with her life...
  • Farilights
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    Plzz update
    Massive Complications (Part 3)
    Massive Complicati...
    Liam and Emma are finally happy. No drama, no lies, and absolutely no secrets. Until Tiffany surprises them with one massive secret that they can't deny and forget about like the others. It's very complicated....
  • Farilights
    7 years agoReply
    Man this gets better every time
    Pitch, Please!
    Pitch, Please!
    Wining sectionals was great and all, but wining regional's would be something. Delany and Harry couldn't be any more happier together, they had awesome times going on double dates with Niall and Demi or...
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    Dont let anyone die plzz
    There Is Nobody Else
    There Is Nobody...
    Bestfriends Amara and Emma both turning 18 in a few months, begin their new life in London. What will happen when they meet a group of 5 boys? Will they find true love or will it be a complete disaster....
    7 years ago
    Hahaha u will just have to wait and see what happens
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