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I used to live on the UK with my mom and dad and my two brothers Matt and Ed. My parents got a divorce and now I live here. It's not as rainy so that's a plus but I can't find a Nando's anywhere! :( I love walruses and pink and I have blonde hair.
I really love my fans and i honestly thought I was a horrible writer. I'm nineteen so I'm out of school and I'm NOT going to college. Ain't nobody got time for dat! ;)
My best friend is Star and you can read a bit about her in The Power of Friendship. Let's just say we're a different kind of friends. Well byee!! <3

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    The lyrics are so vivid and I can tell they came from your heart- or your soul for that matter. The occasions you talk about...the songs reflect on every inch of your life. I've always wondered how someone so vague to you and to me could come out as a star with a passionate story and make us love them. For example, I've come to love you by just your words on the page. Even without a melody one could describe bits of your life and relate it to theirs, thus making you more popular, or more poetic to one's eyes. Please keep writing these magical words, and don't stop until you have your full point across. I believe people will find magic and a place of comfort behind your eyes of music. Thank you, you don't realize how much these simple words can make an impact. <3
    Songs Book - Custom Made Lyrics.
    Songs Book - Custo...
    *** WARNING: August Songs have some Bad Language in them *** Please take this with caution. If you agree to these terms and conditions. Then please proceed. This is my Songs, my Lyrics shared to the World...
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    No, thank-you <3 - I love it when I get comments like this, it really means a lot to me. And the words I use (I know, the impact is there but I don't plan on how much of an impact it may have on the readers) ;) <3
    5 years ago
    Oh my god thanks so much for replying! I think that it's super cool when people talk back. It makes me feel special. Hah I must be going crazy... XD
    5 years ago
    ^^ We all go crazy now and then, it's our job to control it :3
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    hey im posting a new chapter to Intake in about 15 minutes could you please check it out LouLou16 if you have time! ;) your name's in it
    Living For Now
    Living For Now
    Bailey's dad is getting married to Jay Tomlinson, you guessed it, Louis Tomlinson's mom. It's a week before the wedding and Bailey has yet to meet the Tomlinson's. she's so frustrated with her dad. Then,...
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    Hi, I'm Lexi. Can I please have one with Hunter Hayes? He is my idol. I have blonde hair with pink streaks. My ocean blue eyes are really bright and I can I have dirty? Thanks! BTW, I loved the first one. Ur a really good writer! <3
    READ ALL ABOUT IT! I'm going to be doing imagines... request in the comments. put your name and the guy(s) your with. I will be willing to dirty, but not REALLY SUPER dirty. k? So no getting mad at me....
    5 years ago
    Ok! I will get on it
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    My name is Lexi. CAn you please do one where me and Zayn are at a club? A guy buys me a drink so he gets jelly. I have blonde hair with pink highlights (sort of like Avril Lavigne in 'What the Hell', and blue eyes. I hope that was enough info! Thanks :*
    One Direction Imagines;)
    One Direction Imag...
    Comment below and say your name, a brief description of you, a description of what you want me to write, and the boy(s) you want in it. You can also just say random for the boys/date too!!! I love writing...
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    Blonde hair w/ pink highlights (sort of like Avril Lavigne in 'What the Hell'), blue eyes
    We go to a club and a guy buys me a drink so he gets jelly.
    The rest is up to you, love! Thanks!!!! <3
    1D Imagines May Edit/On Hold
    1D Imagines May...
    Comment The questions in the first chapter and I will try my very best to do all of them! Btw these are my first Imagines... So yeah....
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