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Hi, I'm Faith Trinity, and I love the Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Sherlock and the Divergent series!
I love purple, tigers and dragons- and most of my story ideas have something to do with the Five Elements, Fantasy Beings, or something awesome like that!
I'm in a World of Dreams!!!!:)
By the way, I also like... Miranda.

  • Faith Trinity
    This is REAAAAAAALLY good! WRITE MORE! P.S. I know youuuuu:) LUNGE.
    Jess Hardy is 18 and is homeless, she left home at the age of 16 due to, shall we say, family disagreements. Jess now lives on the streets of London and the only person she can trust is an illegal arms...
    well aren't you...enigmatic...
    oh and thank you! and I will try to get more written but you know the predicament we are in with English C.A.s
  • Faith Trinity

    mumbled "ATTENTION all LotR and Hobbit Fans!"

    There is now a Lord of the Rings and Hobbit scene maker, made by Doll Divine and Azalea's Dolls, which is currently on the Azalea's Dolls website.
    You can make characters from the movie, or invent your own and put them all together in a scene. It's brilliant for creating new characters for fantasy-based stories.
    Anyone interested should check it out- it's also something to do during the hols;)
    Over and out xx
  • Faith Trinity
    Hellooooooo:) I c uuuuuuu...
    My Coeliac Diary
    My Coeliac Diary
    Recently I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease (spelt celiac in the states). Please don't back away from me, it's not contagious! It really is quite simple to grasp; I can't eat anything with gluten in....
    7 years ago
    I c u 22222222222222222222 :P
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