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    I know it's been literally years but can you PLEASE update this? :))
    The American Girl
    The American Girl
    Kimya, a teenage girl from America has moved all the way to Mullingar, Ireland with her mum. She didn't expect to meet the girl that could almost be the girl of her dreams. [GxG]
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    I know this was last updated a year ago, but pleeaassseeee keep going! It's ah-mazing!
    I Can't Think Straight
    I Can't Think Stra...
    Iris has a wonderful life. She has a wonderful best friend and does extremely well in school. She also has a great boyfriend that she adores! But one day, when her best friend Morgan confesses to her...
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    This is probably my fave story on Movellas rn ❤️ definitely got a like from me'
    The roommate
    The roommate
    Tory levvington needs a roommate. Not because she needs one, but because she's bored of being alone. When she finally finds the right roommate, things don't go as expected... "Tory." he whispered in...
    2 years ago
    Seriously??????? That makes me so happy. Ik its not even popular but yay!
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