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    mumbled "A Silent Love - Faberry"

    My story 'A Silent Love' (Faberry fanfiction) is almost complete, there is one chapter left to be published. It has a rather abrupt ending, for which I am now apologising. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read it. I appreciate every one of you!
    A bit of feedback would have been good so I know where I can improve (next time maybe). But, there is still time for you to give me feedback, please do.
    Thanks, and I love you all xx
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    Not many chapters left of this fanfic guys. I don't want it to end, but all good things must come to an end (if you can call this one of those good things). Sorry I don't get to update regularly, I'm trying. :) Anyway, I'll leave you all to your own devices. Thanks to all that have read this story. You guys make it worthwhile xx
    A Silent Love - Faberry
    A Silent Love -...
    A Faberry FanFiction. Rachel and Quinn have been apart for years. Both of their lives have changed and they've had successes, and failures, in their own ways. Can they overcome the years apart and all...
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    mumbled "Doctor of Love"

    Hi everybody!
    To anyone who read/liked/commented on my 'Doctor of Love' FanFic, I have finally updated it!
    I know it's been a really really long time - I hope you can forgive me.
    Enjoy it and send me any feedback.
    Love you all! Stay Strong and fabulous. xxx
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    mumbled "Hello"

    Let me know if you like my stories. I know that they aren't very good but let me know if there's anything that you think I should do differently. Even if you have any suggestion on what to put in the story or chapter suggestions.
    Thanks for reading :)
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