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Hi I'm Emily and I love Niall Horan :) I mean who couldn't? Seriously. Well I'm from Ireland yeah that's right jealous much? I love writing stories so hope you guys enjoy them. I LOVE ONE DIRECTION :) YEAH BUDDDIEEEEE>>>>>333333

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    mumbled "New fanfic"

    So I might right a new fanfic and I want someone to help me. I want someone who has a Movella out already! So if you want to help me just tell me! And I'll check out your Movella!!
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    Loved it!!!! <3
    Alyze Grey's whole life changes from living a shit hole to living in a place where girls would Do ANYTHING for their teachers ,the teachers show more affection than neccesary to their students,and some...
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    Blonde hair, blue eyes and tan skin
    just above my shoulders
    favorite color: green
    favorite sport: softball
    favorite animal: turtles
    height: 5'4"
    personality:hyper, crazy, funny, when you make me mad I will go off, sweet
    Hobbies: babysitting, playing softball and singing
    boy: Niall
    What I want to happen: I was playing softball and my friend who also plays introduces us and we get a long good and he asks me out
    my style: (Tom boy) short sleeved, denim shorts and converses
    Your 1D Imagines
    Your 1D Imagines
    Hey, Lovelies. I'm gonna be making 1D imagines for you. I know some of you really fancy one or more of the boys. So you can make them anything you want. Ex: you can't decide between Louis and Liam. I can...
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