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Okay so im a total Harry Potter geek. I love those books! I love them so much that I actually have started to memorize some of the.... paragraphs. And I'm working on finding out how t make a wand. Don't judge me.

If you want to talk to me im Catherine, but everyone calls me Cat.

Okay so I have brown hair and evergreen eyes, I have a wonderful Cat named Pandy who frequently pukes on my carpet, I LOVE Dinosaurs, Dragons, Mythical Cratures, Marine Reptiles, Terasaurs, Wolves, Cats, Owls, Everything Harry Potter related, mythology, kegends, myths, magic, eating cookies, reading, drawing, writing, sleeping in, laughing and of course talking.

I hate MATH! If you want to talk about math with me DON'T! Spelling (Who does?), And Hateful comments if youd don't have anything nice to say just ignore the work, don't say anything mean or sarcastic because on th internet sarcasum is infured as hate.

If you want to talk I'm always open and happy to! All my teachers think I'm a motor mouth! So I won't stop!

WARNING:I can't always post everything on word, some of my storys will have mispelled words.

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    mumbled "Holy crap"

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    Okay first off I managed to loss the notes for my Emily Potter story 2.. So I'm having to do the next chapters from memory... And I will get back to it.... Second I temporarily forgot my password.... wow...
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    Ever had a really weird-ass recurring dream?
    My Short stories
    My Short stories
    These are my short stories. The ideas come from dreams, and I add details. Hope you like
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    You could even make your own RPG horror story off a made up RPG.... as long as its an or off of an RPG horror game then in can be posted here.

    And don't ask me to submit it, just submit it and I'll tell you if you should remove it.

    Have fun and be nice or I'll go all Lady in Red on you!
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    The snake Harry spoke to and helped escape in book 1 was Nagini.
    Harry Potter Fun Facts
    Harry Potter Fun...
    Facts about Harry Potter that hasn't been mentioned in books. Enjoy!
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    mumbled "Oh my god I'm sorry"

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    I managed to forget all about Movellas thanks to school and family..... stuff...... I really am sorry and I'm going to get my ass in gear and update Emily. I SWEAR! Oh and I've started fan-girling over Ib.... and RPG horror game.... so expect a fan-fiction of that soon.
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