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Hi there!

Nice to meet you, thank you for visiting my page. I'm Ella! I love to write, and I am currently working on 2 books here - Where I stood, and The Mommy Porn Effect. I recently restarted The Mommy Porn Effect as I wasn't happy with my first draft. Sorry for any disappointment. My books are based on real stories and do not class as fandom - So come here for a break from beliebers, Harry Styles and whomever else people are writing about these days (no disrespect).

Enjoy yourself and read on :)

P.S. - I want to apologize for anyone who was hoping for my completed novel in December. I wrote the novel for NaNoWriMo, and long story short I broke my laptop and it was lost forever.

It put me off writing for a while but I'm back with a vengeance.

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    After reviewing your comments, I want to apologize - I had not properly red the definitions of the ratings and thought that my movella did not contain all THAT explicit content. I put myself in the shoes of 14 year old me and figured I was watching and reading things just as bad if not worse and so thought it would be fine as 'Y'. I will change the rating to 'R'. I hope this clears up any animosity. Once again, I will stress that I do apologise if I have offended anyone.

    Also, thank you very much for your compliment - A Chemical Reaction :)
    The Mommy Porn Effect
    The Mommy Porn Eff...
    Ella, a seemingly normal woman has a very secret life. She could be the girl next to you in lecture or behind you at the store. Only, Ella has been reading, and there is nothing more powerful than words...
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    I have also changed the rating on this book as I know that teenagers don't really need some girl over the internet telling them what they can and can't read. It is listed as mature, but there shouldn't be an age restriction. Read on :)
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    There's my squishy. And you shall be my squishy.

    The Mommy Porn Effect should be getting a new chapter very soon so keep a wary eye out squishy fan babies. Hoping to really get back into it whilst I have no University papers.

    Much appreciation.
    Ella x
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    Hello bubba boo fan babies,

    Sorry I haven't kept up with my writing, I was on holiday, and now I have just moved back to University., but MPE and Where I stood are still my priorities. I plan on finishing MPE before November, getting an entire book out in December (new book), and then Where I stood, I hope to complete before January, so loads of updates to come!

    Keep checking back :D

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    Submitted myself for NaNoWriMo this year. Maybe it'll give me some magical powers that enable me to complete a book. Whattdyaa reckon bubba boo fan people?

    Join me?
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