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  • elizabeth414

    mumbled "Crucial News"

    If you haven't noticed my little foreshadowing-hints about what is going to happen. I will be adding two more characters to my Her Choice fan fiction. There will be one male and one female representing district 4. I wanted to know if anyone would like to be one of the characters? If not thats fine but I just thought it would be cool and nice to involve some of my awesome fans in the story. The only info i will be leaking is their names. Atlantis for the girl and Alexander for the guy. Plz comment your description below in order for me to chose. Deadline-tom @7 b/c that is when I will be posting the next chapter regardless. I will include all your info the only thing that will differ is the names. I spent alot of time on the indiviual names b/c its really important. Example,
    Name-Elizabeth (Some of your usernames don't tell much)
    Eye Color- dark brown
    Hair hue- dark brown
    favorite outfit- tank with shorts and flip flops
    Hobby- drawing, writing and singing
    Weapon- bow and knife
    Thanx! I will let you know the results in the next chapter if anyone enters!! :p
    Whomever You Please
    I think that there needs to be a bit more conflict besides like his tragic love story. Maybe my character could help him see past his grief and create a plan out of another problem like one of the victors goes missing or something besides love. Your story is amazing, it's just that you need more than just one conflict. You have it set up perfectly too, Peeta is at a vulnerable state so another problem can occur and the new characters can get involved.
    Whomever You Please
    I hate to be rude, but can my character be having a birthday soon?
    6 years ago
    Yea that's a great idea. Sorry about not getting back to u sooner. My notifications are screwed up.
  • elizabeth414

    mumbled "Info. Regarding Her Choice"

    in case you havent noticed already, i have made a significant amount of changes. mainly to the chapters.
    Example- Chapter titles. Also i moved around some of the content of the chapters. Becareful if you are catching up. you mau want to go back just to make sure you are on your correct chapter. since i have switched them up a bit i am very sorry if you have already read a paragraph. there shouldnt be any repeats but you never know. Im not perfect im human. K bye!
  • elizabeth414

    mumbled "Part 2!"

    is in my most recent chapter in Her Choice. Check it out! if you haven't noticed already this is what i am currently focused on. Honestly i dont think that i will be writing more of my other uncompleted stories.
    Red Balloon- I got sick of.
    Heart Locket- My co author and i arent exactly friends anymore. She technically came up with the idea. I mostly just edited and steered the story to an interesting angle. So i could continue the story if anyone is that into it but it was her idea. Just comment. i dont know if it will be the same. we have been for 7 years. she actually started off as my neighbor. so there probably wont be an update anytime soon until the problem is resolved. the problem is also apparently me. also this all happened on my BIRTHDAY! this past sunday. all i can say is worst day ever! sorry about my rant!! :/
  • elizabeth414

    mumbled "OMG I'm so mad"

    i had a whole new chapter typed and ready last nite and i was going to upload it now. Guess what its GONE! i guess my mom shutdown the computer b4 it saved. (I type on Microsoft word.) So sorry i will try to rewrite it today and upload it! I am so aggravated. The Chapter was PERFECT!!
    7 years ago
    Hopefully, I'm almost done with the rewrite. Although, i think im lacking in some parts. Are you a reader of my story Her Choice?
    7 years ago
    YAY! I love you! also theres a new update!
    7 years ago
    Np I hope ya like it!
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