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I'm a reader of historical novels, paranormal novels, Harry Potter fanfiction (if its good), and biographies on queen Elizabeth I. I am a writer of fanfiction and original works. I also RP when I like the storyline, and I adore complicated villains. Bellatrix is my favorite HP character. I'm a pure-blood Slytherin. I despise stupid people of all kinds. Might be a bit of an anarchist.

  • Elizabeth de Britannia

    mumbled "My Rambling"

    Hello Movellians,

    I am now on Wattpad, and am posting another World War II sort of story. For all interested, my name there is Saucy Adelaide. (It was an alias I thought I'd need, didn't, and have been too lazy to change haha.) Anyhow, I've been fixated on Nazis and use them as inspiration for my work. I am not, however very talented at the creation of German names. A bit of assistance would be greatly appreciated, and of course credit would be given.

    Best Wishes,
    Post Script: My HP story isn't dead. It is merely dormant, as I have been letting it sit out so that I can focus on original works.
  • Elizabeth de Britannia

    mumbled "Game Of Thrones"

    One month and two days til Game of Thrones comes back!!! I will, between now and then post a little something in honor of that. Winter is coming...
    Victoria Raven
    4 years ago
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    I've always wanted to watch it.... :(
    Never been allowed....
  • Elizabeth de Britannia

    mumbled "Thoughts On Grandmothers"

    Grandmothers are supposed to give you expensive perfume because they love you. Not because they would like to cancel your music lesson to get drunk. But hey, the perfume is lovely, and I'm a good businesswoman. :)
  • Elizabeth de Britannia

    mumbled "a little message"

    Hello Movellas world! Hopefully, I'm back to stay. Muggle technology is so complicated and breaks so easily. I will update anyhow either way. If I'm staying, I will publish something new.

    Hoping you are well,
    Elizabeth de Britannia
    Le Fox
    4 years ago
    Welcome back!
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