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    This is super cool but I've noticed you haven't uploaded in a while, don't mind me but I have a few suggestions. I think updates should be once or twice a month which will give you guys a wider range of time and the ability to produce and find good content. Also I think you guys could use an editor to look after publishing and deadlines and just maybe assign certain people to different articles and give them deadlines to complete these assignments. I have so many other ideas and would love to share them because I think this book is a fabulous idea!
    Another thing I think you should add in a paragraph dedicated to a book, wether it be on movelllas or a published book but you could do a segment on that and add in a bit of geeky facts or wathever you feel like. I've already got an idea for a Harry Potter article that I think people would enjoy!!!
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    Thanks! I will ask my other co-author and talk about your suggestions! I will get back to you when I can!
    2 months ago
    That's would be awesome, I just really want to see this book flourish!
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