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I'm known on Wattpad with the same username. I like writing stories, so far still developing my skills, and love daydreaming.

I hope I find a community that I can fit in here, and good day to you :)

  • dwance

    mumbled "Giving up."

    7 years agoReply
    Hmmm.. I'm starting to accept that writing is only ever going to be a hobby, and that nothing big will come out of it... maybe just a few of your comments and likes, but there's nothing else that'll motivate me anymote.
  • dwance

    Rules + Form (READ IT'S IMPORTANT!!!)

    7 years agoReply

    This is the form you have to complete for me to design your book cover:

    Name of the book:

    Author's Name:

    Subtitle (optional) :


    Ideas (optional) :

    Anything else (optional):


    I can reject your request if I find it impossible to do.

    Please don't be rude, and be nice, because nice is underrated.

    I'm not the best cover maker, and mine tend to be really simplistic, but lots said they're fun, so they're not the best. So don't expect the best.

    If I reply late, it means I'm busy. Not that I'm avoiding you.

    Sometimes, I'll finish up a cover in less than an hour, others a week. Don't rush me, please.

    I think that's it for now.. If there tends to be a lot of people requesting (hopefully!!) then I'll add a queue.

    Also, when I'm finished with your cover, I need to receive a sort of payment from you. Payments range:

    A follow.

    A read on my story.

    Spreading my group around.

    Currently looking for members to join me, and I'd be glad to have someone who can make covers with me.
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