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boooorrrreeeedddddd hahaha well me and my friend drew will be on here and posting stuff um follow us on wattpad > xxliam_paynexx
WE NEED FOLLOWERS PLEASE drew is working on editing his first story and its not bad in my opinion but ehh im his best friend so I have to say that :D
haha my names mikayla btw followwww

its DREWW HERE haha whats up everyone?
well that's great! im drew im 16 and GAY im bored so that's why im with this weirdo :D haha jk shes my best friend but anywhooo please follow us and when I get my story up please read and give comments back and I don't care you can be brutally honest cause I want to know what I did wrong so please tell me :3
annyyywhooo that's us and ill try to edit the first chapter but idk if its good enough

  • Drewbear and Mikayla :3
    its really good you should update Im hooked and want to know wht happens
    The Styles' Twins
    The Styles' Twins
    What would you do if you found out you had a twin sibling that you didn’t even know existed? Well, Harry would search to find her and go all over the world if he had to, and that’s exactly what he does....
    6 years ago
    I have to update Monday at school because my Internet hasn't been working at home on my laptop. (I'm writing to you with my iPod). I have a ton of other chapters already written though! :)
  • Drewbear and Mikayla :3
    its really good can u please update
    Accidental Skype call can make a life change (Louis Tomlinson)
    Accidental Skype...
    Lyane Kingston doesn't like fame or one direction. She sings on you tube but doesn't want anyone to see her face. She blocks everyone who say's to show her face. She has a friend who loves one direction...
  • Drewbear and Mikayla :3
    please update
    Miss Independent
    Miss Independent
    A girl named Katherine is in love with her boyfriend Jason who may just be temporary. Jason bought Katherine tickets to see one direction in Chesire London. As shes there she gets ganged up by Jason's...
  • Drewbear and Mikayla :3
    really good please update
    In Love With My Teacher
    In Love With My...
    Amber Miller's familly is one of the richest families in Europe. She has a perfect life, perfect relationship, no drama family, well that's what everyone thinks. Amber has an abusive father and her mom...
  • Drewbear and Mikayla :3
    its good please update
    Forbidden ~Larry Stylinson~
    Forbidden ~Larry...
    Louis and Harry. Harry and Louis. Two of five of One Direction. Just friebds. Denied as lovers. Fail to show their love. Forced to hide. Hide their secrets their love thier screams as they pretend to love...
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