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I've always had passhion for writing and if I could do one thing for the rest of my life, writing would be that one thing.
Nobody knows how much I love writing. It provides a way of escape, a way to express who I am. A way to create the perfect, or unperfect world. I can tweek everything to my liking.
When people comment and say they love my stories, that's the best feeling in the world.
Writing will always be a passhion no matter what.


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    I apologize for what I said now UPDATE :D
    That One Summer // Luke Hemmings
    That One Summer...
    It should be another typical summer for young Ariel Meadows, but of course it's not. She never expected to gain anything from working in an ice cream parlor, with people tracking in sand from the beach,...
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    i love it! excitement! update fast please!
    Tainted || H.S
    Tainted || H.S
    Bridget Morgan had just moved to the quiet, small town. Shy and quiet, when she first entered the school, things changed. She was so obviously beautiful, and any guy could tell you that but Bridget simply...
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    Baby Love
    Baby Love
    So this is the sequal to my earlier movella called Pregnancy Love. Please go read that first before this one :) i will be posting shorter chapters on this compared to PL and I hope thats ok. It just means...
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