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    This is really good. �� update when you can : )
    365 | Three Hundred Sixty-Five
    365 | Three Hundre...
    Reagan has 365 days. Reagan has 365 days to do the impossible. Reagan has 365 days to fall in love with her enemy. Reagan has...
  • DontStopBeliebingg

    mumbled "Sequel. "

    So, I'm making a sequel to The Criminals Journal, but I'm stumped. I can't think of anything ��. I'm not sure what I want to happen.

    Have any suggestions? Kik me. @DontStopBeliebingg. ��
  • DontStopBeliebingg
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    Omg. This is perf!
    Case 1256
    Case 1256
    Two years ago, Jason McCann disappeared without a trace after finally making it on to the FBI's Most Wanted list for murdering a young girl in New York. His twin brother, Justin is currently finishing...
  • DontStopBeliebingg
    Omg. UPDATE
    Forever & Always
    Forever & Always
    This is the third and final book to the series 'Brother's Best Friend' Justin and Becca, now have two children. Jesse is now out of jail. Lyssa now has another baby she wants. Justin has some problems....
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