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Depressions Grasp

by , Thursday June 29, 2017
Depressions Grasp
Depression... What do you think of when you hear this word.. Sadness.. Some one who is hurt... Or some one plain broken.. Being honest it could be one of these answers or all of the above. Depression is a dark storm cloud that follows you around and makes you drag your bare hurt feet across the hot cement and make you feel like you deserve it like you deserve to feel the pain that your feeling. Yes there are things to take to help you control it but you don't want to control it you want to beat it you want to beat the way it makes you feel wrapped in its embrace all cozy and snug like you never want to leave nut you know you have too. You put a smile on your face to fake emotion because if you don't you showing them you don't have yourself under control that you can't help yourself your too far gone. On a good day you can get yourself out of bed with no problem but you still drag yourself through the agonizing pain of the day even of it hurts as much as it does. On other days you can't even pick yourself up you just let it take over and swallow you making it hard for you to go through that agonizing day that you so wish you could end and just make it slower and even more painful. Even if you have friends and family who support you,you still feel alone depression whispering in your ear your not good enough that you don't deserve them that you don't need anyone but him. You shouldn't listen but you do that dark cloud holding so much power her you so much that you can't even blink you can't open your eyes it's a struggle you can't move because of that heavy dark power that looms over you like a shadow. You ask why this dark cloud has so much power over you but you never get an answer that's because there is no answer you don't get one you have it or you don't you have to go along or your cloud will only get darker and its power stronger the more you fight the stronger this cloud get until you let go until its fingers clutch you and drags you back... You can't leave it won't let you. I so want to leave that loving embrace my cloud has over me but I can't the more I fight the more tired I get and the more it pulls me back. No matter how many people tell you its going to be okay you know your not you know that cloud has such a hold on you that you can't leave no matter how many people tell you that you can you won't because you feel as if its your best friend your lover and your soul and its forever stuck onto... You.

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  • TheBeautyWithin5597

    do you accept challages due to your sexuallity

    are you ok with being yourself either your Gay, Bisexual, Lesbian or someone who accepts it? And what do you feel about other people whop don't accept it ?
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    my friend got married a week ago to her wife and it took us all in the state I live in to make gay marriage legal.
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    I accept being Pansexual. ;o
    4 years ago
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    I accept anyone with any sexuality. im bisexual myself and I don't care what people say bout me. they'll have to deal with me once I hear the shit they say anyway.
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