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Hiya! My name Dodo Bird! I'm a absolute Potter head, (Harry Potter fan) and I love everything about it! I'm also into my humour and a bit of fantasy, am hoping that I can make you laugh out loud, and maybe have you hanging of the edge of your seat.

Furthermore I love my films and these are so of my favourites;
Harry Potter,
Jurassic Park,
Lord of the Rings,
Marvel films,
the Hunger Games films,
and a lot of other ones.

I just love my books and here are a couple of the best;
The hobbit,
all the Harry Potter books,
Gangstar Granny, the Hunger Games trilogy,
and lots more.

Also I really like science and things like that. And I'm a real scout and love the outdoors.

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    mumbled "New set out for you got the lol's"

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    I will now be doing my lol's in one's. So there will be lots more chapters than before.
    Chloe Nicole Tomlinson
    Hopefully you'll come on here soon but anyway:
    On Hallowen I was wondering if you wanted to come to my party? If you do just text Alex to find out where I live as my phone or I pod isn't working - Thanks. xXx
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    I'm doing them as and when I read the books
    Harry Potter Spells
    Harry Potter Spell...
    The moment every Potter-head has been waiting for is when someone reads the Harry Potter series again and picks out every spell, and finally someone has! Unlike the lists that you find on the internet...
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