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I keep thinking that my brain won't be able to hold all the stuff i would like it to hold, and most of the time, I'm right... I think... I can't remember... DAMN IT!

  • Dionysus
    7 years agoReply
    eoin colfer would be proud! :)
    Living in the shadow of two geniuses.
    Living in the shad...
    First there was Artemis. Then there was Myles. The older Artemis is already known to be a child- or teenage- genius and Myles is closely following. But have you ever wondered how poor stupid Beckett felt...
    7 years ago
    Yeah I felt kind of sorry for him so I thought I'd say a little something for him (even if I don't really like him that much... but you know).
    7 years ago
    Always have to highlight the underdog if someone else doesn't.
    7 years ago
    Yup it is an important part of writing :D It's really fun to write too...
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