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  • Deziree Romero
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    I liked that Korean drama....
    Heart String
    Heart String
    I was clapping, shouting with the audience around me, but suddenly the focus rested on me. There he walked towards me and began our song. The song we used to sing together.
    6 years ago
    I also liked that drama....thank you for reading it and I just adapt the character sketch..
    Carter Ashley
    8 months ago
    She is Deziree live in Mexico she has a profile in a Movellas and having fun with her friend on it. she also discusses the matter of parliament resumewriterslist.com/chameleonresumes-c.. held in assembly to gain import-export goods.
  • Deziree Romero

    mumbled "Juggling my writng, Korean fangirling, and my degree"

    I have so much going on right now and I rarely have the time to write, I swear! Well... actually I'm watching K dramas in all my spare time... XS hehe. I am also working on my degree so if you didn't already know: I am majoring in Film and TESOL.
    Film, because I want to direct and because I also write screenplays!
    TESOL, because after college I will be teaching English in... *You guessed it* KOREA!!!
    So while I'm juggling my writing, Korean fangirling, and my degree, it would help if you commented to help keep me writing!

  • Deziree Romero
    Hello, The Movellian A- List! I want to thank you for featuring me in your issue. I did get a notice of a message to me but sadly it wouldn't let me read it! Again, I would like to thank you and I can't wait to read what you come out with next! ^^ Much Love, Deziree
    The Movellian A-List: Issue #1
    The Movellian A-Li...
    This is the Movellian A-List Magazine! Bringing you the latest from Movellas! Issue #1: The Movellist of The Month! The Movella of The Month! Ace Advice from Florence Morgan!
    The Movellas Journalist ✔
    You're very welcome, Desiree! Just because you were this month's featured author, doesn't mean you won't pop up again! You're very talented, and most likely another one of your books will find it's way onto the list soon enough and you'll be on another issue. We're sorry we couldn't feature your interview, but sadly deadlines decided to quicken up. XD, anyway, thank you for reading the Magazine!

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