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I love all of my fans and hopfully can talk to all of you and make some awesome friends on here!
Im Single but you know being single isn't a bad thing!
Love my Lovatics!
I hope I can make you guys smile everyday because
You've got a face for a smile you know! :)

The Ariana Army!! ♥♣♥

~~Roleplay Account!~~

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    mumbled "Be Back Soon!"

    Hey! So I got some Disney tickets! Thanks for telling me to do this Shelley I'm Super exited! Ill be back in an Hour because I'm going to take a shower...I know To Much Info, But Hey I always Give a little to much Information! and I take Long Showers...But Love you guys! Ill Be Back Soon! Oh and Hopefully More people are on when I get back!
    Bye for Now!
    6 years ago
    Are you really Demi lovato
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    mumbled "Long Time No Talk"

    Hey Sorry I haven't been on I've been in California for the past 6 days because well its summer, we are on vacation, and we're thinking of moving there! So Many Notifications though! What happened when I was gone? What did I miss? Who all is new? Give me details!! I'm still on vacation but I'll try and talk to you guys as much as possible today and hopefully tomarrow I can do the same! And quick thing...Does anyone have suggestions on what I should do while I'm here? Oh and I just saw how many Fans I have! I feel loved! thanks For 73 Fans! Love you guys with all my heart!!
    Tessa ramsey
    7 years ago
    ☁️Alexa Losey☁️
    I'm on my phone it's auto correct sorry. But yeah it's role play.
    ✓Demi Lovato
    7 years ago
    Oh I didn't get the notification until now, Yeah Sweetie I'm a Roleplay account. I'm So sorry
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