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hello i am english and very tired

I'm gay, but you can call me Demi.

I write mainly comedy/satire (often with romantic subplots because I'm a sappier than a bloody tree) and occasionally dabble in other genres.

I barely use this site anymore but I'm trying to get back in the game, so hit me up while ya can :D

  • Demitria H. Prose

    mumbled "i return (again)"

    i know i keep disappearing but that's mainly because I broke my computer. i recently posted a new story tho so check that out (also im so tired forgive my shit grammar)
  • Demitria H. Prose

    mumbled "Guess who's listening to ol' Brendie again"

    Ah yes but what a shame
    what a shame the poor groom's bride is a
  • Demitria H. Prose

    mumbled "Tumblr-style text post because I'm trash"

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    Me: *comes back onto movellas*
    Me: *sees my old stories and shitty behaviour on the site*
    Me: what a lovely time to fly into the sun
    3 years ago
    SAME omg... i returned to movellas a few weeks ago after like two years and I'm just like *jaw drops* *eyes wide* 'What in the world was I doing on here??'
    Demitria H. Prose
    Naughty children must atone for their sins by being forced to read all the terrible early movellas
    3 years ago
    >.< Oh I think I've been punished enough!
    (I deleted most of em :P)
  • Demitria H. Prose

    mumbled "Fanfic: An Addendum, Illustrations for your books and other updates"

    So when I first started movellas I was thoroughly against fanfiction. Then again, I was also completely unaware that my fascination for women was not, as I had thought, completely platonic, so it's safe to say that I was a bit naive back then.

    In fact, the very reason I have disappeared over these past 2 years is because...well...I got into fanfic. And Tumblr.

    I don't plan on posting the fanfics I have written here, but if you are interested in them, you can find them on my Archive of our Own account, Demixian. It's all book of mormon, but some of it is semi-original fic and doesn't necessarily need knowledge of the original show to understand.

    Another thing to mention is that I now have a drawing tablet! So I've decided to begin offering illustrations for books on here. You can just shoot me a mumble if you would like one and all you need to do is explain to me what you want and how you choose to use it (for the cover, as an accompaniment to the chapters, etc).

    Other than that, I'm proud to say I'm back! I may not begin writing again for a while though, but I will be more active!

    :D - Demi Prose
  • Demitria H. Prose

    mumbled "I have returned"

    *peeks out of cave that I've been hiding in for the last 2 years* Is it over? Is 1D finally dead? Can I come out now?
    Demitria H. Prose
    After being on tumblr for so long...IDK I guess I just realised that 1D and their fans aren't doing anything wrong, they're just as big nerds as me and people in MY fandoms, and I shouldn't shit on them. It doesn't hurt to poke fun occasionally though, but I definitely don't believe they're the Worst Thing Ever anymore.
    Demitria H. Prose
    We're all nerds. All of us. Massive trash cans. There is no escape from the fandom spiral of death. We are all trapped forever. There is no way out.
    Demitria H. Prose
    I'm just down with a case of Tumblr-itis. Memes, fandoms and drama kinda take over your life on there XD
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