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I'm just a agender person from the UK. Who will be a best selling author one day. (Promise! Fingers crossed). The book character I'm most like has to be Hermione

As well as books I love Anime, Sci-Fi, Horror, Movies, Music, Video games, Animals, Sugary foods (but not sweets (except sherbet and marshmallows)), sit-coms, Animals, Homestuck and Random stuff. In fact It's very likely I'll like something you like.

I am currently reading:
I am Malala
House of Dead Leaves
One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest

I am currently writing a novel I don't plan on posting until at least the first draft is complete so I may not be active for a while

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    mumbled "Top 5o Books I've Read"

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    1) Gone (SerieS)-Michael Grant

    2) Harry Potter (SerieS)-J.K.Rowling

    3) The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Time-Mark Haddon

    4) A Monster Calls-Patrick Ness (Original idea by Siobhan Dowd)

    5) Maggot Moon-Sally Garner

    6) My Worst Best Friend-Dyan Sheldon

    7) Knife-R.J.Anderson

    8) Breathe-Cliff McNish

    9) Lord Of The Flies-William Golding

    10) To Kill A Mocking Bird-Harper Lee

    11) The Freedom Writers Diary

    12) Black Heart Blue-Louisa Reid

    13) Beastly-Alex Flinn

    14) Carries War-Nina Bawden

    15) Good Night Mr Tom- Michelle Magorian

    16) Silver Finn-Charlie Higson

    17) Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl

    18) Alice In Wonderland-Lewis Carroll

    19) A Series of Unfortunate Events-Lemony Snicket

    20) Storm Breaker-Anthony Horowitz

    21) The Indian In The Cupboard-Lynne Reid Banks

    22) Matched-Ally Condie

    23) Holes-Louis Sachar

    24) Matilda-Roald Dahl

    25) Charlotte’s Web-E.B.White

    26) The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe-C.S.Lewis

    27) Percy Jackson (Series)-Rick Riordan

    28) Between Shades of Grey-Ruta Sepetys

    29) My Sister Lives On The Mantle Piece-Annabel Pitcher

    30) Wonder-R.J.Palacio

    31) Lola Rose-Jacqueline Wilson

    32) Not Just a Witch-Eva Iboston

    33) Emily the Strange: The Lost Days

    34) The Naughtiest Girl In The School (Series)-Enid Blyton (Continued by Anne Digby)

    35) Geek Girl-Holly Smale

    36) House Rules-Jodi Picoult

    37) All The Truth That’s In Me-Julie Gardner Berry

    38) The Bunker Diary-Kevin Brooks

    39)Code Name Verity-Elizabeth E.wein

    40)Abomination-Robert Swindells

    41) War Horse-Michael Morpurgo

    42) The Riddles Of Epsilon-Christine Morton Shaw

    43) Bedlam-Ally Kennen

    44) The Dolphins Of Laurentum-Caroline Lawrence

    45) Kiss-Jacqueline Wilson

    46) Kenzuke’s kingdom-Michael Morpurgo

    47) The Beasts Of Clawstone Castle-Eva Iboston

    48) Ally’s World (Series)-Karen McCombie

    49) Pinocchio-Carlo Collodi

    50) The Crazy Things Girls Do For Love-Dyan Sheldon
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    My quoTes are a liTTle long :P sorry
    1) "...I have told the truth, I have told the truth, I have told the truth, I have told..."-Code Name Verity
    2)"Days, no light.
    Hours days years.
    flesh and blood meat drink that's all it isflesh and blood it's allthesame chicken cow pig= 3 it's all just meatfleshfoodenergy it's all the same turn the bad to good we're all animalsanimalsanimals
    meat and drink
    your liquid eyes

    so sorry
    so hurting skinned dry
    please forgive me
    no tears now
    too long
    don'tcare the light the tunnel
    this is what i know
    it doesn't hurt any more
    this is" -The Bunker Diary
    3)"This is where I go, when I go:
    It's a room with no windows and no doors, and walls that are thin enough for me to see and hear everything but too thick to break through.
    I'm there, but I'm not there.
    I am pounding to be let out, but nobody can hear me.
    This is where I go, when I go:
    To a country where everyone's face looks different from mine, and the language is the act of not speaking, and noise is everywhere in the air we breathe. I am doing what the Roman's do in Rome; I am trying to communicate, but no one has bothered to tell me that these people cannot hear.
    This is where I go, when I go:
    Somewhere completely, unutterably orange.
    This is where I go, when I go:
    To the place where my body becomes a piano, full of black keys only- the sharps and the flats, when everyone knows that to play a song other people want to hear, you need some white keys.
    This is why I come back:
    To find those white keys." -House Rules
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    mumbled "The problem"

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    The problem I have isn't not being able to find the words to describe how I feel.
    It's not being able to find the words so everyone understands what I feel.
    Lily Anna
    6 years ago
    I know that feeling well. It's like if I explain people won't get it or what it's like and then I'll just feel like I should have said nothing.
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