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Born on November 21st 1994 in Karachi, Pakistan, Danish Sayanee dreamed of being a professional soccer player. That didn't last long. After awhile, at the age of ten, when he started reading novel, he started to develop this passion for writing his own novel one day. Finally, at the age of 18, he published his first novel "Play For Life" which, due to not getting any agents, he self published it. He had some difficulties in the beginning with the promotions but after a while that book came out as a minor success in young Danish's writing career.

In a gathering with the other writers at an academia book club, where he got the chance to introduce his novel in front of journalists from different newspapers for the first time, a lot of questions were raised. Some of them were, "There's no copyright system in Pakistan. How are you going to manage it?" or "How much did you make with your first novel?" so he answered that he is "trying to find an agent and hoping to god that he would find soon" and He laughed a little at the second one and said "he didn't make that much with his first novel but then again, he didn't do this for money. Writing is his passion. He didn't even wanted to put price on his novel but Amazon wasn't allowing him to sell free novels, plus it was always his dream to see his own novel under his name being sold in stores. With that they asked "Are you going to write another one?" he replied "Yeah, definitely". He told them that he is working on another novel which is going to be a love story. He told them that he is going to write in every genre.

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There are only two dreams of my life:
becoming a successful writer
And teaching Literature

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